Essentials: Spring / Summer Shoe Stories

Your feet hurt like... always? Thinking about heels hurts, too? Well. welcome to my world. As I never managed more than a solid pair of vagabond dions, I can tell, I am a comfy girl. I love sneakers and flats and from time to time, I even put on some lace up brogues. Bot for now: no thanks. Lets stay with comfy rubber soles and sneak through the city. As I already wrote in my last outfit post: Converse all stars always awake that little Emokid inside of me - listening to Panic! At the Disco (haha had to listen to it right after I typed that one down), Converse were my friends all the way down to the park where we kids met to listen to that one boy who had a guitar but who cares because his hair was so sleek and over his eye so I loved him forever...

Same for Vans: Why have I been such an Emo? Can we try that one again in like 3 years or is it really not in fashion anymore? And what happened to that one guy with the guitar he couldn't really play?
Ah, he is married. However, I don't need him. I have a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, which are my second favorite sneakers. This year I went for leather because the suede ones died in the rain- I will never do that mistake again, promised.

And last but not least: My Sandals, by NEOSENS - they will come with me to Madrid next week. I am really looking forward to my very first press-travel action! I can't even wait for tuesday to come, so I will keep my Backpack packed and put some summer clothes in it. Happy Weekend to all of you!

converse all stars : here
adidas stan smiths: here, here or here
nude vans: here or here

Food: Brunch at Ungeheuer Neukölln

I love sundays! Especially if you know you will get some really good food prepared for you, from someone else with love.  I usually search at Stil in Berlin for places to eat, but this one surprised me when a friend decided to spent her Birthday there (at Night) I had a glance at the menu and wanted to eat there, so I checked their Facebook and was slightly amazed when I saw their fruity decor. I am, as I usually say, very easy to impress. And thats great, because my expectations are very low when it comes to food (I grew up with a working mum who had like 0 cooking skills.) However, UNGEHEUER in Neukölln offers a great balanced menu with not too many options (which I also like) and has as many vegetarian options as meat eater options. I had an omelet (veggie) and my boyfriend went for the vegan brunch. I think the price was absolutely reasonable for the stuffing food we got (mine was 7€, the vegan brunch was like 10€)
if you're free on a sunday, just get them on the phone, ask them for a table and get there. the decor, the coffee and the food are on point and will definitely sate you:
Emserstrasse 23 - Berlin 

Outfit: Styling Workwear Basics

 Basics are the best! And honestly, dressing up takes five Minutes and less if your wardrobe consists of a capsule collection (only) - I´ve been selling at the Nightfleamarket in Berlin and its been more or less a success. I got rid of 2/3 of my "trendy" clothes and will continue to reduce my wardrobe to the basics in the upcoming months. My current favorite Basic are the skinny Blue Jeans. Thinking about the fact that I wore black denims for years only, I might have missed out on a great basic piece for the office. All blue seems to be my new all black. The Blouse is pretty old with its four years, so I liked some alternatives down there. What do you wear on a normal office day? Tell me in the comments (: (German Text below)

Blazer - UNIQLO x Lemaire, find a similar one here or here
Jeans - Kauf dich Glücklich, similar here
Shirt* - Here or similar here and here
Shoes* - Converse Allstars
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Bag
Watch* - Klarf Watches

Inspiration: Summer Stripes and Aztec Patterns

Stripes for Summer? Groundbreaking. I know this is not the most creative Edit, but: It combines everything I want for the upcoming seasons: easy shapes, oversized silhouettes and patterns in black, white, grey and blue. Maritim vibes in blue-white stripes and Linen and Denim are always a good choice, especially paired with good old Birkenstocks. I am really looking forward to the next trip to the sea, although I am not the type of person who stays in the bright sunshine without whining. Anyway, for now I enjoy spring to the fullest and hope summer can wait a bit - until then, enjoy the inspiration! 

OUTFIT: Oversized everything

its bitter cold again (at least for today) and I went for a boyfriend jeans, an oversized striped shirt and Leather. I discovered my Love for Chucks Allstars again and feel a revival of my good old emodays again haha. Thinking about Storms and My Instagram Picture, I think in 2007 it would have made a great Myspace Photo :D I used to paint little stars on my Chucks back then, as a Teen. Now I realized again, they are the comfiest shoes ever and I wonder what I wore instead the past nine years. I will definitely rock Allstars again in the upcoming summer. Read the german text below.

Jacket - Esprit (similar on sale here)
Shirt - ZARA (similar on SALE here and here)
Jeans - Esprit (similar on SALE here)
Bag - &otherstories (old)