Outfit: Black and Blue Off Shoulder

Currently, life seems somehow surreal. The happenings in the world seem just as aggressive as extraordinary. I somehow cannot believe we live in the year 2016 right now - reading about political  conspiracies and illegal trades. I can slightly remember being a child in the 90s and we were all celebrating the EU as a step forward for our society. I also remember being from Ukraine and that the country would probably never be a part of it, due the weak economy - while now, Britain escapes the EU as if its something bad. I also remember turkey being considered as a part of the EU, only last year. Now, after all what happened, I cannot put it my disbelief into words. I try to see the point in this, all the violence and the "leaders" elected by the world like Trump, Erdogan or Putin but there is none. I just wanted to make sure, that an outfit post doesn't mean that I am not thinking about anything else but my clothes and fun and ice-cream. To be more precise, life isn't really about off shoulder blouse styling, without being sarcastic. For me, Blogging means a nice distraction from all that is going wrong and I hope no one minds me taking this time off. I hope you like this post.

top: Zaful, similar here
Jeans: Asos, similar here
Shoes: Esprit, budget version here, original here
Sunnies: Ace&Tate Liz

Travel: 5 Tips for traveling solo

I have the feeling that its time to write about this one again, because the last time I got pretty emotional thinking about it. It all started for me last year in spring, when I was heartbroken and felt deeply empty, stupid and exhausted. The trip came not naturally for me, because I hated to travel ever since I knew. As a child, everyone would get excited about the summer holidays and spending time with their families, but not me. I just loved to visit my dad together with my sister and go hiking in the woods, watching TV until very late or use his computer to make art in PAINT 95 - what a childhood, right? Taking a plane to get to some beach full of tourists has never been my thing. And that was all I connected with "traveling". 
So I had to prove myself wrong and especially to get out of my comfort zone. Thats why I booked some random fights, to lisbon first and then to the azores, from where I took ships to explore the islands. It was a three-week thing and completely different than I expected. I wanted it to be some act of self-fulfillment, eat-pray-love-ish or at least very meditativ. But it wasn't. It was challenging, every day - I am not the most social person, but I had to become one in order to find my way. Asking People, learning from them to explore the area, doing this together. For some of you this must sound so normal, but for me it was new and exciting. Traveling by oneself has some magic about it. The Independence that I barely feel normally. But since this should be more informative, here are some tipps for traveling by yourself (as a girl).

1. Be openminded 
I literally went diving for the first time in my life by doing so. Meeting new people with an open and honest heart made me experience the best things ever, no matter where I went. In Antalya, People have a different helping culture. Once you are stuck or not sure where to go, they not only guided me but gave me tips, food, their phone number and the brightest smiles. The same is for Madrid, Lisbon, the Azores, Athens and Amsterdam. I never regret when I was openminded and warm. 

Inspiration: A minimalist Home

Every time I visit Elisa and Anais at their perfectly minimal home, I come back amazed and jealous because their rooms are the most beautiful places ever- So well curated yet feeling like somebody really lives there, I enjoy stealing their inspirations. Haha - no, to be honest, I love how they styled the minimalistic perfection and think, even if some might say it looks pretty much alike, they both put so much of their personality in it, that you can tell which room is whose. Randomly linked: HAY Mirror String Chair Cup HAY Scissors Lamp Bench Clock Black Bench Carpet long Pillow dotted Pillow

Outfit: Linen Dress and Black Denim Jacket

Look at that caramel colored girl! Just came from holiday, looked amazing and healthy. Good thing about Berlin: Its so cloudy, even if the weather is warm that I lost all my tan already and am back to normal - we call it the " german summer" in the office, because you don't miss out on anything, the wet heath is everywhere anyway.. However, that linen dress is still a good thing - I already mentioned my passion for natural textures and especially linen is a bit of a climate change on your skin. Able to breath, yet thick enough to not rip apart when sitting on uncomfortable grounds. Linen is love. Also, the black denim Jacket saved me from multiple summer rains now. And will rock this combo through the summer - how do you currently survive the temperatures? (german text below)
shop the look:

Food: Brunch in Berlin top 7

Brunch can be fun, if you get a spot in a calm restaurant on a sunday around noon, enjoy amazing food and beautiful interior. But It can also be pretty confusing if you live in Berlin and every second restaurant offers pouched eggs and low quality avocado toast for 5€ (which is a lot, for Berlin) and there is a whole brunch jungle, trying to trigger some tourists and being overcrowded on sundays. Thats why I want to introduce my top 7 spots for a Brunch in Berlin - with all pros and cons, prices and quality. + My personal "must try" when you're there. I swear, I know stuff about brunch. 


District Coffee 
Bergstrasse 68 / Berlin
food: ++ prices: ++ crowded: yes, big space, big hype - lets wait for 45 minutes
Must try: Buttermilk Pancakes

Travel: Köprülü Kanyon Roadtrip Antalya

What a view, right? I took those pictures at the Körprülü Kanyon, in the northern Part of Antalya, approximately 90 km. It was a 2 hour ride from the city center - but it was worth it. The crystal clear, turquoise water is caused by the scale in the water, so - to be honest the shade of blue on the photos even doesn't describe a bit of the true color - its more amazing in real life. The trip up to the 400m deep valley was rocky and breathtaking. Not only because of the hot temperatures. What makes it special are the thousands of herbs growing on the cliffs. Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage are only a few of the edible Plants there. You can watch a rich Fauna of Dragonflies, Tortoises, Wild Horses and fish around the river. I am easy to please when it comes to nature, so it came naturally to me to be overwhelmed of joy and fascination the whole time. Rafting is something, that tourists really seem to enjoy in the river. It has an easy Level, so children and elderly people can easily handle this. I didn't do it, because 1. My camera and 2. My respect for the nature. If you want to find out about my route,  you can find a map here - or book your whole trip to Antalya here.

that typical "standing on a mountain dreaming" picture, thanks to my Friend Musti for taking it. (read the german text below and find my Route at the end!)