Food in Berlin: Brammibals vegan donuts

This Post goes quick and dirty: there is the more or less new vegan hotspot in Berlin. Brammibal is one of those places where I go, when I am stoned or sober and its always just fine. Just kidding - it is fine, because they use amazing ingredients and have the not-so-typical not-dunkin-donut-at-all flavors. My absolute favs: caramel hazelnut or matcha. The dairy and cruelty free donuts make a day better, honestly - and the people that work there are just the sweetest. 2,50€ for one is also an absolutely reasonable price. If you ever have to chance to hang out in Kreuzberg and you´re looking for something sweet to complete your meal, give them a try. It won't be the last one.

Maybachufer 8
12047 Berlin

Outfit: Autumn with Fild Pieces

Finally we have the golden evening sun back. Since we still enjoy the nice weather and the +20 Degrees, this is just a beautiful way to start in my favorite season - transforming a huge scarf in a poncho as soon, as the sun goes down, seems like a nice side effect. I am wearing my Mom Jeans, that make the ugliest bum ever, but give me the comfiest feeling (you must have realized that during the past outfit posts, featuring the same jeans, and the next one as well - yes, I own other clothes, too.) and finally also got a Belt, holding up those denims. Funny enough that I never considered Belts as accessories or important at all, since skinny jeans were the only ones that worked for me. With my growing denim collection (I have two blue ones by now), a good leather Belt can be a live savior. And this grey suede Belt by FILD Pieces immediately jumped from zero to essential. A big plus is the local craftsmanship they invest in and the fine materials. Between all the ZARAs and H&Ms on this planet, there are still those, who care about the pieces that should last in your wardrobe. 

Vest - ZARA (old)
Jeans - ASOS on SALE here or similar here
Belt - FILD Pieces 
Shoes - Vagabond similar here and here
Scarf/Poncho - Fild Pieces
Top - Selected Femme 
Bag - & other stories

Outfit: Transition Look with KIOMI

 Excuse my awkward play with the hair - I was nervous and it was way to greasy for outfit pictures on that day, but someone has to do the job (And I am sorry for my boyfriend who gets to do the hardest part: motivational trainer and photographer). However, I can count all the pictures I managed to leave my hands down and get to a straight three, which turned out even more awkward - but who cares if you're wearing a khaki badass bomber jacket from the Menswear section (Size S and still, I look lost in it) I am already layering 3 pieces of clothing below that jacket, so welcome Autumn! I have never been a summer type, but I must admit that taking pictures is more fun without shaking. The Kiomi Sweater and Jacket make up for the sudden cold and I am fine. Yesterday I officially received my diploma and I feel like a child that someone forgot at the mall. Lost and confused. So I did the only right thing: I booked 4 more low-budget backpacking holidays for this year and am looking forward to escape the adulthood. Wish me luck! 

*Jacket - KIOMI similar here and here
Bell sleeve Blouse - H&M Trend, similar here and here
*Jumper - KIOMI, similar here and here
Skirt - Stolen from Anais, similar here and here
Shoes - Converse Allstars
Bag - &otherstories

Travel: 5 Spots in Budapest for Minimalists

Not expecting anything at all form Budapest in Hungary, I found myself in an historically picturesque city full of bridges, pretty patterns and pastel-pinks. Of course, I felt the Grand Budapest Hotel memories coming up, but thats exactly why I did not take pictures of the classic stuff. Even if everything is beautiful, I didn't came to copy some postcard photos, but preferred to ask some locals for their favorite spots and got a lot of input. Way too much for three days, so I couldn't make the sports stadium and the subway stops. But even better for me: we were not really looking for anything but finding out that Budapest has its hidden contemporary treasures, plus 30 degrees included. As usual, I want to show you special spots for minimalists. I hope you´ll enjoy this little selection. Below are a few other tips, but without pictures, since I did not snap everything. 

Outfit: All black everything

The very last hot days in Berlin and still, I prefer a minimalistic black ensemble (groundbreaking.) It might have been Alice` influence on me, who is dressing in nothing but black for a few years now, so she is the real all-black everything inspiration in here and I am the lucky one to take pictures with her. Or maybe this is just the easy way, to pair a black culotte with the vest and create something "business-casual". However, the last days were like a whole gallon of fruit punch, way to sweet and they left a dry feeling in my mouth. The Lollapalooza was a good moment to burst out in tears while Radiohead performed "Reckoner" (anyway, in Rainbows is my favorite Album ever, forever.) And Budapest was a so-called special experience in a way that only a Stingray would understand it. I am about to look through all my pictures and cannot help but smile and wish for the next trip. 

Vest - Zara (old) similar here and here
Culotte - ZARA (old) similar here and here
Sneakers - ZIGN, similar here and here
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix, budget version here
Sunnies - Ace & Tate, similar here

Interior: Grey Bedroom Update

English: Finally we are done and the result is beyond cozy! The grey color does not seem dull at all and we are done moving boxes. (current location: the other side of the room, hidden below a pile of clothing) I would lie if I would say we are completely done, because the pictures are only on the bed, not fixed on the wall - but this is something I can change in near future. Still, I am completely in love with the Boxspringish, yet "normal" Doublebed by Home24. Parsberg is his Name and his price is completely affordable. I like the way the grey bed matches the wall (I know, groundbreaking) but especially the copper colored accents make the picture complete and add some warm shades in the cool sleeping area. I tried to add a list of all accessories and furniture below, but I must admit that some of the things are older and therefore hard to find, so I tried to link some alternatives. I hope you were able to find some inspiration! (GERMAN TEXT BELOW)