Giftguide: for your very best girlfriends >20€

Of course I don't have a clue what the perfect gifts for your friends are. But I can categorize some Girls in the Squad and maybe one of those is exactly your friend. I mean, everybody knows at least one of them - That Relationship Person, the one who is always confused, the fashion-obsessed one, the foodie, the ambitious tough one, the pizza lover (well who is not a pizza person?) I only wanted to give some inspiration, there might be one or two items you could consider in those hard times, enjoy:
  • for your one friend, who always loses her hat in the subway, uni, at the club or in her wardrobe: Asos burgundy hat 
  • for your one friend who has a boyfriend and basically never leaves the house during the cold months cause she found someone to cuddle with and doesn't need her friends anymore: blanket
  • For your one friend who is ambitious, works in a start-up and manages her hair-care at the same time while being bold enough to read during her very few breaks: Girl Boss
  • for your one friend who knows what really is important in life and orders shitty pizza from time to time (by accident) and has the best Pretty little Liars nights with you: pizza spice
  • for your all black everything friend who happens to be a food-blogger or at least has a weakness for nice #foodporn on instagram (but secretly eats hawaii toast with you): mug & plate
  • for your one and only best friend on earth who deserves a golden ring for having a heart of gold: pineapple ring
  • For that girl you always borrow clothes and accessories from, cause she is the best (a present for yourself too): Asos velvet bag
  • for your one friend who got her life together, suscribed Kinfolk, owns a whole lot of marble stuff and puts her shirts in an alphabetic order: copper magazine holder

Meet: Konni of enVogue

I must admit that I feel like a gold digger, finding all those amazing Blogs with barely 100 Readers. This one, for example has 50 by now. A real insider-tip I could say! Konni is a student/model and seems to have a weakness for patches and special accessories. At the same time, she manages to balance street style and a classic chic to develop her very own clean outfits. Also, she takes the time to write for us, which is rare these days (writing a very short post myself right now.. haha) But getting straight to the point: Her Blog is amazing, she is looks pretty as hell and I love that smily patch on her shirt!

OUTFIT: Perfect Bikerjacket

And now that I cannot put it off anymore, its snowy and freezing - At least I saw my first snow yesterday in a dinosaur park! yeahi. This is obviously the official end of my favorite season Autumn, which I must admit, was so overwhelmingly beautiful this year, that I cannot even complain. But its also the end of my autumn uniform, skinny jeans and leather jacket. I will now cover myself in cuddly knits and avoid to step outside for the upcoming five months :D No, not really. But it`s always quite shocking to see how cold winter can be (this is just the beginning) and how little creative it is to layer everything you have to keep yourself warm. I hope you enjoy my last look for this autumn, I cannot wait for spring and this biker jacket. 

Beauty: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This one is another marketing gag I stumbled over when reading Harper and Harley, my all time favorite Blog by Sara Donaldson from Australia. Always admiring her beatiful skin, face, hair, everything, I saw her reviewing the infamous Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Serum at the Age of 26. And I turned 24 recently. Doing some research, I realized, this is not even too early. I have some tiny wrinkles already but never really mind taking care of them by night - since I use SPF on a daily base. Since nothing scares me as much as looking like my mother who is 43 now and never heard of SPF and instead tans on a daily base, I took action - and it was so easy. 

Meet the Blogger: Anais of AnaisAnais

that was a lot "Anais" - I know I said I will introduce less known blogs. But sometimes I just want to support friends, too. Also, she is not famous or something, it just happens to be online for a while or so. Anyway, why do I even try? Anais Blog is awesome and she is just a quirky, vivid, colorful person, despite the fact that she barely wears any color. 
If anyone who did not know her blog before knows it now, I served my purpose and have shown you another great inspiration: Anais. Click through her blog for some serious Interior and Outfitinspo, you will definitely not regret it! :)

Visit her Blog//Instagram

OUTFIT: Hate comments and granny clothes

thats a good question. I actually got that one via Instagram: Hate comments, a win for both sides, I guess- people can laugh at my long coats and culottes and I can laugh at people who say mean things on the internet. But to be honest, some of them went too far. Instagram upsets me daily a bit, not only because the likes go down, but because the comments are rude and body image is just not a topic I want to discuss on a public forum. Not only "granny clothes" or "damn ugly legs"- its the fact that everyone reads about this and people might accidentally try to fit in by listening to that stupidity. Just don't do this. Comments are comments, yet they are no communication. They shouldn't affect you in any way. If you load up something, do it because you like it, not because someone else likes it. 
Sometimes, I just want to take those people, put them in a cave without internet and let them abuse each other verbally, so they learn. But a close look at their profiles teaches me that there is nothing else in their lives than trying to hurt strangers. And this should not get attention. 

INTERIOR: A minimalists home

 1.Chair  2.Pillow  3.Bowl 4.Cup 5.Plaid 6.Candle 7.Table 8.Monochrome Shelf

Well its that time of the year again, when I browse shops to find gifts for other people but end up creating wish lists for my own home. End then maybe buy scented candles for friends and family - but this is a different story. When it comes to interior, I do really love light and filigree frames, those cubistic tables are spread all over the internet at the moment - I still want to figure out a way to make my own one with a copper frame, since they are very pricey and that is a bummer, if you want to have a specific thing in your apartment. So far I have found two great DIYs, you can find the first one here and the second one here. The second one might be - of course slightly adapted might even do its job and become my personal copper side table. If you have some Ideas where I could get a cheaper version or maybe the one and only great DIY, just shoot it in the comment section, I am always happy about your Input :)